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Removing Internet Memes

By Internet Removals.

Are you the victim of an Internet Meme?

You aren’t the first.

Continue reading to learn more about a recent case of meme abuse.

Removing Internet Memes

In March 2019, Internet Removals was engaged by the parent of a teenage boy to apply for the removal of various internet memes. Based on the information we were provided, the boy’s friend had taken a picture of him biting a blanket. The boy did not realise that the image would be shared amongst friends, and eventually, one of the friends created a meme called ‘Biting your blanket when it’s fresh from the dryer’. This wasn’t the worst part. The meme then gained various comments implying devious and sexual conduct, which was vulgar in nature and highly embarrassing for our client.

Internet Removals lept into action and immediately applied for the removal of over 15 memes from various sites. Within 48 hours, we had removed 11 of the memes and over the next week, we succeeded in removing the balance.

The problem with this content is that once shared, it’s almost impossible to prevent republication. As such, the memes can reappear at any time, resulting in the client having to go through the content removal process again.

So, how do you REMOVE Internet Memes?

internet memes

If you have read to this part, you are probably expecting a spiel that goes something like this:

Navigate to the review and click the ‘flag icon’. Then, fill out a form and the meme will magically be removed! 

Sorry! It’s not that easy. At Internet Removals, we have removed over 55,000 URLs (as at FEB 19) and in less than 0.05% of our successes, we have seen a ‘flagging’ feature deliver success. 

In order to remove Internet Removals, you need to understand how moderators work, what they are looking for, what boxes need to be ticked and how to persistently follow up to ensure your complaint has not been ignored. 

At Internet Removals, we have developed specialised systems and procedures to successfully remove Internet Memes. 

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