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Internet Removals opens office in Singapore.

By Internet Removals.

Internet Removals, The Content Removal Experts opens sixth office in Singapore.

Content Removal Singapore

Internet Removals has been providing Online Reputation Management services since 2011, specialising in removing illegal content from the internet. During the eight years of providing this service, Internet Removals has assisted clients in all corners of the globe, including places like Israel, Bangladesh, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Italy, New Zealand, Indonesia, China, Russia; the list goes on.

Internet Removals Singapore

Most recently, Internet Removals has been overwhelmed with enquiry for assistance with removing online content throughout the ASEAN region. Up until now, our Australasian head office in QLD, Australia, has been servicing these clients; however, due to tremendous demand we are now proud to announce the opening of our offices in Singapore and Malaysia in July 2019.

“As a result of vast technological innovation, most members of today’s society are ill-equipped to handle situations where they become the victim of identity theft, revenge porn (image-based abuse), false and fake reviews or subject to defamatory search results in Google and Bing. Our goal is to equip and arm as many people as possible with the tools to combat these challenges and we do this through free advice and education. Where the problems are severe and require our input, we are proud to say that on over 78,000 occasions we’ve made a big difference for our clients. The concern, however, has always been the number of people who suffer in silence.”


“That’s why we are so proud to open another new location in order to assist businesses and individuals overcome challenges they may have otherwise suffered in silence” said Zach from Internet Removals.

While our team in Singapore continue to train and grow, our head office for the ASEAN region remains in Kuala Lumpur where it has been since 2018.

We welcome any person, whether in a private or business context, to contact our team if they feel concerned about online content. We provide obligation free advice and a wide range of Online Reputation Management Services, specializing in Content Removal.

We look forward to assisting another region.

For more information on fake reviews and content removal, or any other related topic, contact Internet Removals on via



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