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No Idea on How to Delete All Google Photos or Images? Here are some useful guidelines for you!

By Internet Removals.

Internet Removals

The Internet is a global network, it connects all the information that is available online. We can find everything we need across the internet. In the past, we may need to take a long time to search for the information that we want, we may only look for support from books, journals, magazines, or other content to find out the details we want. 

Based on the statistics report by Hootsuite which provide that, in the year of 2018, the average daily hour spent by Australian in using the Internet is 5 hr 4 mins, an average of 1hr 31 mins in social media, and 3hr 2 mins in broadcast streaming. This shows that there is high internet usage in Australia, people are surfing online every day to look at the content they are interested in.

You can simply search the details or info about your friend, family even anonymously through the Internet. You are able to find all sorts of information including your personal and work experience, and more disturbingly, any less-than-flattering photos that may appear around the Internet.

The Web provides us with valuable information, but it also poses a challenge to us, as it is less confidential, all personal information is accessible to others, and people can now easily locate someone’s personal information via the world’s web.

The internet and social media platform offer opportunities for people to connect to others, to expand their network virtually online. People can exchange their opinion, their ideas, their insights, their thoughts and experience to the people in the rest of the world. Most people are likely to share their daily life events with their social network sites, such as photos and videos, which is a way to record their life events and they are able to review it after years. 

delete google photos

Therefore, social media platforms are not only a platform for people to share their thoughts and engage with others, it has become a new “memory card” which helps to store memory and record life experience. They would upload their photos there where it is convenient; so that they can access the picture at any time, and anywhere they want. It may also allow others to access it more efficiently, which results in the increasing number of cyber-crime cases, leakage of personal information, photos and videos. 

Such photos or videos that are stored online typically leave a footprint on the Internet. This data is recorded everywhere, such as what we have done online, what we are searching, what we created and uploaded, and it will typically be stored forever. From time to time, you must have some content that we wish to be removed, especially removing photos that makes you feel embarrassed.

Guidelines on How to Delete All Google Photos

how to delete google photos

1. Search the sources or URL that you want to remove

If you find that you have some photo showing up in the search engine, such as Google and you wish to remove it, you may need to find the sources of such a photo, the original website that contains the picture. Google is a search engine, which means that it only shows images and information from other websites. It will not be the source website; however, you may be able to find the source from Google.

Search the keyword through Google, it can be your name or other related keywords, and you can find the source by clicking to the image showing in the result page. You will be directed to the web page that contains the image you wish to delete. 

You may contact the webmaster or the site owner to take the image down, once the picture is taken down, the image or photo will not be showing on the Google search result. 

2. Request the owner of the photo/image to delete the photo politely

If you want to remove the image in other people’s websites or social media sites, you should ask politely and nicely, which is to request them to help you to take down the photo. Much of the information or pictures that many of us found unflattering online are on social networks because we have shared them voluntarily. If you’ve made a comment or posted an article on someone else’s website, you’re likely to lose your rights to that post as soon as you click publish it.

So, you should consider carefully before you want to post something online or to the social platform, where it will be troublesome when you request to take down those content. Because if you’re going to remove those images, you may have to talk to the individual webmasters with some convincing and robust reason for why they should grant your request to take it down. Ask politely to them, so they may help you to remove it. 

3.You may fail at first, keep trying

Requesting someone to remove the image of you from the website will take a long time to get responses, and may not get any response. There are very few projects that can challenge your endurance in the face of so many refusals and non-responses that you will seek to take down an unflattering image or online video. You need to keep talking and keep emailing webmasters if you want to see improvement.

What Kind of Image You Able to Delete Online? 

The content you may want to remove maybe some outdated articles, or some content is no longer relevant to society now. Mostly the content that people want to eliminate will be an embarrassing photo that is sensitive, personal, offensive (porn or sexual) which may affect his or her image and reputation in the community.

The photo may be sexually explicit photographs or video taken by a member in an intimate relationship with the permission and consent of the subject or may be made without his or her permission. Such photo may destroy a person image and may lead to suicide cases after all. 

Do you need to remove photos not only from Google, but rather on Facebook & Instagram?

Do you need any assistance in removing unwanted photos or images from the Internet? At Internet Removals, we provide a specialised service whereby we lodge and manage applications for the removal of content to offending search engines, website administrators and web hosts. You have more queries about our service, please contact our team via email on or call +60135121591. 



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