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The ‘Content Removal Blog’.

Keep up with content removal, revenge porn, cyber extortion and everything inbwetween.

Guaranteed Content Removal, the practicality and pitfalls.

By Internet Removals. Since 2011, Internet Removals has seen many companies come and go that profess to be experts in Content Removal and Reputation Management. Most survive between 6 and 12 months, then later retire with a queue of angry clients seeking refunds or...

Revenge Porn, the destructive trend sweeping the internet.

By Internet Removals.As with many new innovations, it’s common for the ‘actual use’ to deviate from the creators ‘intended use’. Take Bubble Wrap for example, invented in 1957 by Al Fielding and Marc Chavannes. The intended use, a textured wallpaper. The actual use,...

Internet Removals opens office in Singapore.

By Internet Removals. Internet Removals, The Content Removal Experts opens sixth office in Singapore. Internet Removals has been providing Online Reputation Management services since 2011, specialising in removing illegal content from the internet. During the eight...

Removing Internet Memes

By Internet Removals.Are you the victim of an Internet Meme? You aren't the first.  Continue reading to learn more about a recent case of meme abuse. In March 2019, Internet Removals was engaged by the parent of a teenage boy to apply for the removal of various...

Remove Google Reviews, the how-to Guide.

By Internet Removals.Targeted by an unfair Google Review? You aren't the first.  Continue reading to learn more about the common types of Google Reviews and how to remove Google Reviews. 1. The 'Ghost Customer' It's quite common for our customers to report reviews...

Online Reputation Management Success Story

By Internet Removals.03/12/18 A special interview with Andrew Groat of MeMedia and John Ibbitson of The Firm and Internet Removals success story.  Has your business ever been the target of online trolling? In the good old days, a customer complaint might be dealt with...


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